Since opening the eyes, human babies are curious about everything around them, trying to touch every object, observing the outcome of their touches, and learning a central ability of human intelligence - decision-making.
From individual movements to group cooperation, from scientific experiments to industrial productions, humans are always seeking the optimal decisions.

Artificial Intelligence

In 1994, AI checker program Chinook defeated human world champion.
In 1997, AI chess program Deep Blue defeated human world champion.
In 2016, AI Go program AlphaGo defeated human world champions.
In 2019, AI programs reached the level of professional human players in StarCraft2 and Dota2 video games.
AI is progressively showing better-than-human decision-making ability.

Real-World AI

Unfortunately, the ability of AI decision-making is still sealed in the electric world. The wall between the electric world and the real-world was hard to break.
The vocation of Polixir is to bring AI decision-making ability into the real-world. By creating global leading technologies, Polixir is releasing revolutionary power of real-world AI decision-making.

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